About Us

Family Run

Cove Yachts at Cove Marina started in 1972 and became Cove Yachts (1979) Ltd. when Phil and Sandra Pidcock purchased the Company in 1979. Improvements over the years have been many including a new sea wall, revamped stiff-leg crane, new workshop and the addition of a Travelift and large floating boatshed. A new house with chandlery and mechanic’s shop underneath was completed in 1986. The marine railway was completely rebuilt in 2001 with the pressure wash catchment and recycling system developed to its present advanced state during the last 5 years.

Phil Pidcock married Sandra in 1968 having completed a 4-year apprenticeship with David Hillyards in Sussex, England and together they moved to Vancouver in 1969. Phil worked at different boatyards in the Vancouver area including McQueens, Grenfell Yachts, BC Packers and the BC Forest Service Maintenance Depot. He then became self-employed finishing yachts for 4 years. He finished and sailed their own Vancouver 27, “Pleione”, before moving to Maple Bay in 1979 with the purchase of Cove Yachts and Cove Marina. Phil has spent the last 30 years repairing, estimating, troubleshooting and managing the work force. For the last 2 years Phil has been invited to join the judges at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

Sandra attended Art School and Secretarial College before becoming secretary to the Vice President of C.D. Schultz, forestry and engineering consultants in Vancouver. In 1979 she and Phil moved to Cove Yachts together with 2 young children and took on the responsibility of bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, billing etc. She knows what the tide heights are and will probably take your bookings for a haulout.

Alpine Fir II

Alpine Fir on the Cove Yachts Ways

Built as Letitia II by Gordon and Peg Oliver in North Vancouver she was launched in March 1947. In 1948 Peg and Gordon cruised her to Alaska. She was then sold to the BC Forest Service in 1949. Alpine Fir was based around Thurston and Kelsey Bays during the fifties and sold by the BC Forest Service in 1984. She was sold again in 1986 to Tom and Joan Townley who previously owned the Townley Isle. She was sold to Phil and Sandra Pidcock in 1992 and used within Cove Yachts for towing and at least two re-floatings of sunken vessels. She has also been used for a few family vacations. “The Fir”, as she is known around the boatyard, is now undergoing an extensive refit including exposing the original teak decks which were covered over by the Forest Service and are in good condition. The replacement of aft fuel tanks has been completed and refastening of the bottom and some interior work is planned for 2010.