Haul Outs

Cove Yachts Ways

Cove Yachts provides Haul Out Services for boats up to 100 tons and 90 feet in length. We are equipped with both a Marine Railway and a Travelift.

Our Marine Railway is the ideal way to haul wooden vessels as it has little impact on hull structure. The railway is capable of hauling boats up to 100 tons, 90' and a 24' beam.

Our Travel Lift is capable of lifting boats up to 55,000lbs or 25 tons and to a maximum beam of 13'9". We are able to put boats aside in our boatyard with the Travelift for long-term jobs.

Cove Yachts has installed an Environmentally Friendly “Closed Loop” waste water system. The waste water from our marine railway and travel lift is captured, filtered and reused. Using this system greatly reduces our environmental footprint. By implementing Environment Canada’s Best Management Practices and containing all waste water we have little to no impact on aquatic life. We have also drastically reduced the volume of water we use to clean boats by reusing our waste water.

Cove Yachts is equipped to handle all of your vessel's haul out needs. Having a well stocked Chandlery with materials on hand as well as established suppliers allows for quick turn rounds on jobs.

We also offer Emergency Haul Outs and Repairs throughout the year. Whether you are on holidays and hit a log or you have engine problems we do our best to accommodate your situation. We have become extremely efficient at repairing bent props,shafts and struts. We have excellent working relationships with propeller and shaft repair shops who work with us to get repairs done as fast as possible.

Cove Yachts Travel Lift

We provide a full range of Haul Out Services:

  • Power Washing
  • Antifouling
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Shaft, propeller and rudder repairs
  • Thruhulls
  • Waxing and Detailing
  • Boot Stripes
  • Hull Painting
  • C.S.I Inspections
  • Transducer Installations
  • Stuffing Boxes
  • Service Outdrives and Trim Tabs
  • Emergency Repairs

Marine Railway Rates

  • 00'- 49' - $5/ft
  • 50'- 59' - $7/ft
  • 60'- 69' - $8/ft
  • 70'- 90' - $10/ft
Lay Days
  • 00'- 49' - $1/ft
  • 50'- 59' - $2/ft
  • 60'- 90' - $3/ft

Travelift Rates

  • 0'- 50' - $5/ft
Lay Days
  • 0'- 50' - $1/ft